Frequently asked questions

Is Flagler Laundromat is a family business?

Yes, Flagler Laundromat is a family own business. As a family own laundromat, we care about our clients and experience. We love to hear feedback about your experience. Please feel free to contact us at

Where is the nearest laundromat in Flagler?

Killian Laundromat is the biggest Laundromat in Flagler, Fl and is in the center of flagler.

Do we offer wash & fold services?

Yes, We offer wash and fold. We offer one of the best wash and fold service. We have been on business for the past 7 years.

Do you like laundry delivery/pick-up services in Flagler?

We offer a laundry delivery service. We work with They will be picking up your clothes on time and deliver on time too.

How much does drop-off laundry service cost, on average?

Most of our clients use an average spend $30-$40 for the wash and fold services. Remember this change depending on how much clothes your family has or you.

Can i wash my own clothes?

Yes, We are a laundromat. We offer different size machine from 20 lbs machine up to 60lbs machine.

What items doesn’t include in the wash and fold service?

The items are blankets, comforter, sneakers, duvet & matress covers.

Do we offer a dry cleaning service?

Yes, we offer a dry cleaning service in Flagler Laundromat. Our regular tuen around time is 48 hrs. Depending on the time of the drop off. Remember we close midnight.