Frequently asked questions

How qualified is your team?

Siber Pets has had many years of experience with caring for many different types of animals! We pride ourselves on recognizing the different needs and wants of every pet, we want their experience to be the absolute best! So, rest assured your fur baby will be well taken care of.

Can we schedule a meet and greet before scheduling any service?

Of course! If anything, we encourage it! Here at Siber Pets we want YOU to be comfortable with US. Before any scheduled service we always schedule a meet and greet, to not only get to know you, but your pet as well! We want to know every concern and questions you have for us! Every meet and greet is complimentary and required before any scheduled service!

My pet has behavioral/medical needs, are you still able to care for them?

Absolutely! This is why we schedule meet and greets! We want to know everything about your pet so we can be well prepared for your fur baby's needs! Siber Pets will not discriminate any pet that is special needs, we love all pets and will discuss every need for your pet before committing to a service!

Do you just cater to dogs and cats?

Siber Pets has prided itself on caring not just for dogs and cats but small animals as well! This includes hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Mice/Rats etc. We here at Siber Pets believe small animals need plenty of attention and love too.

Can I contact you during our fur baby's appointment?

That's a big YES! We encourage all our Fur Parents to message us at any time for an update on their fur baby's experience. Photos of your fur baby are sent during their time with us to keep YOU involved and confident that your fur baby is having plenty of fun and well cared for!